Speler Maurice le Grand


Maurice le Grand


Pushing the Wire


Datum Thuisteam Uitteam Singles Koppels Koppels 180 Finish
19-09-2018Pushing the WireT Fust 2
28-09-2018Timeless onePushing the Wire
03-10-2018Pushing the Wire078 isnt just a trow10
12-10-2018Flying dartsPushing the Wire
17-10-2018Pushing the WireTijdloos 3
31-10-2018Pushing the WireDe boogjes
06-11-2018The WoodpeckersPushing the Wire
21-11-2018Shit HappensPushing the Wire
28-11-2018Pushing the WireDe blokkies (Gestopt)-
14-12-2018Dirty DevilsPushing the Wire-
19-12-2018Pushing the WireThe Mechanics
09-01-2019Boertje Ho EvePushing the Wire--
18-01-2019T Fust 2Pushing the Wire
14-02-2019078 isnt just a trowPushing the Wire
20-02-2019Pushing the WireFlying darts
28-02-2019Tijdloos 3Pushing the Wire
08-03-2019De boogjesPushing the Wire10
13-03-2019Pushing the WireThe Woodpeckers
03-04-2019Pushing the WireShit Happens
01-05-2019The MechanicsPushing the Wire-0122
08-05-2019Pushing the WireBoertje Ho Eve


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